Penetration Testing

  • Black Box

Our engineers conduct penetration testing and/or vulnerability assessment against the targeted system, even with little to no knowledge of the target prior to testing. These assessments most commonly reflect a malicious actor’s attack methodologies and will assist our clients in understanding what types of public facing vulnerabilities and attack surfaces they currently have.


  • Grey Box

A unique blend of black and white box testing, these engagements typically start in the black box phase, with clients providing confirmation to our engineers as they discover and exploit their way through the targeted system, network, or application. These tests provide the same malicious actor’s attack methodologies combined with the thorough nature of a white box test, ensuring our clients receive a comprehensive assessment of attack surfaces.


  • White Box

True white box testing allows our engineers to explore every nook and cranny of a targeted system or network. This level of access allows our penetration testers to ensure a comprehensive review of any potential vulnerabilities that may exist on the system, even those that are not public facing, but could be exploited internally.