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Why Choose Mathan Cyber Security?


We believe in helping people above all else. We work hard to earn your trust and to ensure that the work we end up doing for you is well worth the money you'll spend on us. If you are ready for a penetration test, we're happy to perform one for you, but we'll take the time to get to know you, your organization, your systems, and your security posture to make sure that we're not wasting your money on activities for which you simply aren't ready. Time and money are precious commodities. We won't waste yours.

Privacy & Confidentiality

Our systems utilize full-disk encryption on test laptops and external hard drives to ensure we maintain the utmost in customer privacy and confidentiality. Upon completion of work for each of our customers, upon request, we will provide a compressed, encrypted file containing all of the pertinent system data and artifacts gathered by our engineers during the course of testing and a signed form providing legal notice that all of the customer’s data (with the exception of our final delivered report) has been expunged from our systems.

Mathan Edge

It is our engineers’ unique ability to adapt and learn on-site or mid-engagement to the environment they encounter that allows them to complete our contracts on-time or early and to the satisfaction of our customers.


Finally, unlike many other organizations that simply conduct “red teaming” or simple penetration testing, delivering their findings and departing, our organization prides itself on ensuring that we provide our clients with fix and/or remediation suggestions that they might implement to resolve the discovered vulnerabilities.


Certified DoD 8570.01-M compliant, rated up to IASAE Level III.

Our engineers carry a variety of certifications, including Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Information Systems Security Engineering Professional (ISSEP), CompTIA Security+, and more. Our employees are DoD 8570-01.M compliant for all work up to the IASAE Level III. Our engineers are also well versed in the penetration testing and vulnerability assessment of ICS/SCADA systems.

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